About Us

History & Mission

Ever since the first day we started our business we set up a mission for ourselves: we would completely focus on the customers' wants and needs. It's not about making the sale, and it is not about how much profit we make. Our focus is solely on the customer. We did pretty well.

That was in year 2005. Now that so many years have passed, and we have developed our business into a new stage, is there any change of our mission?

The answer is NO! We still believe in our original goal. We still listen to our customers. We still ask questions from our customers. We still forget about profit. We still forget about final purchase amount. We still forget about time. We still want to help our customers with our passion, strictly to make you happy and put a smile on their faces.


Principle & Promise

Why are we doing so? Because we believe in one thing: We are not just selling products, we are also providing services. Good products with bad services is arrogant. Good services with bad products is lame. Providing our customers with the best products and the best services is the only way for us to continue our business in such a challenging economical environment. When you smile, we smile.

What can you expect from us?
- Every single product is high quality guaranteed.
- Every single order is processed fast and efficiently.
- Every single question or complain is taken care of to your satisfaction in no time.

All in all, YOUR NEEDS ARE OUR GOALS, and you can count on us to deliver.